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CLA, an omega-6 fatty acid derivative, has rapidly become one of the most popular natural weight loss supplements since its introduction to the nutritional industry in the late 1990’s.


Whilst we are able to derive small amounts from meat and dairy products, supplementation has been shown to have a significant impact on how effectively our body metabolises fat.


Research has shown CLA to be highly effective in reducing body fat whilst simultaneously promoting an increase in lean muscle mass thereby significantly improving “body tone” with sustained long term supplementation.


With most of us consuming less than one gram of CLA from our typical daily diets, CLA supplementation is a smart approach for anyone trying to maintain a healthy body weight and improve overall body tone.


To maximise CLA’s “fat burning” properties, consume extra water every day and consider giving your metabolism a boost by supplementing with a thermogenic metabolic support formula such as our Ignite.




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